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Smoking Recipe

Coalpot Herb-Smoked Chicken Breast's Borrowed from Jimmy Doherty's Farmhouse Cookbook ' A Taste of The Country'..... it looks very impressive!

Wash and pat dry on kitchen paper..as many Chicken Breast's as needed..brush with a mix of Olive Oil and melted Butter... a sprinkle of Sea Salt and fresh Black Pepper...place on Coalpot grill rack and sear well on both sides...then keep turning until almost cooked..

Take off the grill, add a bit more charcoal to get things nice and hot...then take a really big handful of fresh thyme... give it a quick soak in cold water...shake well, then place straight on top of the hot charcoal...sizzle-sizzle!

Quickly put grill and Chicken back on...and cover with a large clay flower-pot...big enough to cover all the meat...and trap that lovely smoke! (use a metal poker or strong bamboo cane to stick in the pot-hole for removing the very hot flower pot) allow as long as you think necessary to add that smokey flavour...

and finish cooking...

this method also works well with Pork Chops or plain Sausages... use fresh Rosemary instead of the Thyme...cook first then flavour!


A Taste of the Country
Jimmy Doherty

The picture on the right is taken from Jimmy Doherty's book, where he uses one of my Coalpots to cook Smoked Quail............

A Taste of the Country is a celebration of country living and an invitation to town and country folk to get more involved with the land around them and the food that they put on their plate. As well as eighty recipes for traditional British farmhouse dishes from shepherd's pie to rhubarb crumble, homemade chutney to elderberry jam, there is information about gathering wild food, keeping a few chickens, growing your own salads, whittling walking sticks, cooking with edible flowers, pickling and preserving and much more. The dreamy, rural lifestyle captured between the pages will guarantee that all readers can have their very own taste of the good life.

Visit Jimmy's Website here - http://www.jimmydoherty.co.uk/


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